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The Stack Makes Darwinium its "One-to-Watch"

Rebekah Moody

31 January 2023

Web Assembly, Rust are Helping Alisdair Faulkner Break Down Cybersecurity, Fraud Siloes

Excerpt from The Stack Interview with Alisdair Faulkner, CEO Darwinium

In the enterprise, fraud and cybersecurity are often stove-piped: operating with different tools and as different teams; even though cybercriminals are increasingly vertically integrated and digitally sophisticated with their malice: they use bots to upload child pornography and AI-generated profiles into target networks; swamping software with alerts that allow other intrusions to go undetected and which drain stretched resources; password breaches and social engineering to access accounts — and the money they steal along the way is eye-watering...

Alisdair Faulkner has been at the coal face of trying to tackle this problem for a long time. ThreatMetrix, the company he co-founded, then ran product development for, grew into a $100m ARR player in in the fraud detection industry, working to protect one billion global accounts across four billion devices for the world’s largest global banks and brands, before being acquired by LexisNexis for some $830 million in 2018.

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