Account Security

Support Cyber-Fraud Fusion Teams with Both Visibility and Context of the Complete Customer Journey

Bot Intelligence

Automated bots are managing to bypass WAFs and CAPTCHAS and infiltrating customer accounts. Businesses need added context from downstream behaviors to make more informed decisions at the perimeter. Take action by triggering a step-up/reCAPTCHA, blocking access, dynamically throttling traffic to slow down bots, triggering a pop-up / prompt, etc.

Customer Journey Orchestration

Remove data siloes with a single source of truth of customer behavior across the entire digital journey. Profile every interaction, rather than moments-in-time. Integrate any third party data source with ease. Orchestrate new customer journeys and update existing ones from within the Darwinium portal.

API Security

API sprawl is creating an environment that adversaries are targeting - bypassing authentication, stealing data, re-routing microservices / web flows or abusing misconfigured business logic. Darwinium can detect, monitor and protect APIs as they are added, modified and grouped across digital journeys.

Context-Aware Security and Visibility, from the Perimeter Edge to Customer Interactions

Security and fraud teams often operate with the dual challenges of data and operational siloes, and an incomplete view of risk across the user journey. Darwinium brings context to the perimeter edge, providing visibility and analytics of user behavior across complete user journeys.

Darwinium for Account Security

The Darwinium Difference

Identify Trusted Users Blocked by Binary Risk Decisions

Identify Trusted Users Blocked by Binary Risk Decisions

Layer behavioral biometrics and behavioral analytics with CAPTCHAs to identify bots that are bypassing binary controls, and good users who are getting caught in the net. Use context from downstream decisions, for example at checkout or payment, to better inform which traffic to block or step-up during earlier interactions.

Context-Aware Visibility Across Every User Journey

Context-Aware Visibility Across Every User Journey

Unify intelligence across security, fraud and customer experience teams by creating a single view of user behavior, from pre-authentication, through onboarding, login and payments. Integrate via your CDN to simplify customer journey orchestration. Cover additional touchpoints with simple configurations in the Darwinium portal.

Monitor and Protect API Endpoints

Monitor and Protect API Endpoints

Monitor and defend backend APIs that can be targeted by bad actors or bots. Identify automated activity targeting API endpoints that has bypassed bot defenses. Leverage behavioral profiling on every API request to generate features and signals which detect normal and anomalous API behavior at each step of a digital journey. Detect scenarios where profiling is being evaded, or instances of cookie-copying where entire pages are skipped.

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