Abuse Prevention

Identify Unwanted Behaviors Targeting Incentives, Rewards and Business Processes

Bonus Abuse

Fraudsters routinely abuse incentives, bonuses and rewards offered by gaming and gambling operators, eCommerce merchants, airlines and travel marketplaces. Identify bonus abuse behaviors and networked fraud rings colluding to maximise profit.

Content Abuse

Fraudulent content - fake listings of dream holidays or sought after products, as well as scam reviews on marketplaces - can severely damage brand reputation and customer trust. Detect anomalies in text and image such as similarities or repetition across listings or accounts.

API Abuse

API sprawl is creating an environment that adversaries are targeting - bypassing authentication, stealing data, re-routing microservices / web flows or abusing misconfigured business logic. Darwinium can detect, monitor and protect APIs as they are added, modified and grouped across digital journeys.

Business Logic Abuse

Bad actors are manipulating rules and processes within software applications to gain unauthorized access to user accounts, scrape sensitive data or target weaknesses in booking systems. Darwinium collates intelligence relating to devices, networks and behaviors to identify high-risk scenarios in real time.

Identify Vulnerabilities in Digital Journeys and Pinpoint High-Risk Behaviors

New APIs and microservices proliferate as digital connectivity grows, fuelling an increase in API and web traffic. Adversaries are abusing blind spots and gaps in business logic to steal sensitive data, game the system and infiltrate user accounts. Darwinium provides complete visibility across web and mobile traffic, and API endpoints, to provide visibility and context of traffic behavior.

Darwinium for Abuse Prevention

The Darwinium Difference

Understand Behavior Across Digital Journeys

Understand Behavior Across Digital Journeys

Darwinium provides visibility of traffic behavior across complete digital journeys. Detect anomalies in new and existing API behavior against a broader business context. Uncover patterns of user behavior indicative of content and bonus abuse such as multiple account creations coming from the same user, cookie wiping and use of private browsing, and use of proxies and emulators.

Detect Image and Text Anomalies

Detect Image and Text Anomalies

Darwinium has created Digital Signatures for text and image similarity matching, that can be compared in real time to previous signatures. These can identify unusual consistencies in text and images across multiple listings / accounts, even if a fraudster has attempted to make then look significantly different.

Bring Downstream Context to the Perimeter Edge

Bring Downstream Context to the Perimeter Edge

Integrate Darwinium with API gateways or edge networks for complete visibility of traffic going to and from an endpoint. Bring the context of downstream events to the security perimeter, to better discover, monitor and maintain new and existing API connections.

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