Fraud Prevention

Protect Against Evolving Threats with Continuous Fraud Prevention Across Every Customer Journey

Bot Detection

Detect credential stuffing attacks, low-and-slow bots bypassing WAFs and bots that defeat CAPTCHAs. Layer additional intelligence related to traffic behavior to better inform risk decisions across every touchpoint.

Secure Onboarding

Detect adversaries using automated bots and scripts to test stolen identity credentials. Identify multiple accounts coming from the same device or location. Seamlessly integrate third-party intelligence to enhance identity verification.

Account Takeover Prevention

Build trust by accurately recognizing returning customers, even if they wipe cookies or use private browsing, reducing unnecessary friction. Pinpoint anomalies in account access, for example use of proxies or emulators.

Payments Protection

Deploy passive, risk-based authentication of online payments using behavioral intelligence from the entire customer journey. Integrate additional payment authentication services via the Darwinium Marketplace.

Build Future-Proofed Fraud Prevention Strategies that Identify AI Attacks

Despite huge advances in fraud prevention solutions that protect high-risk digital touchpoints, fraud is still getting through. Adversaries are harnessing the potential of AI tooling with speed and agility. Darwinium has redressed the balance by building a single view of customer behavior across every digital journey, removing the siloes that fraudsters exploit.

Darwinium for Fraud Prevention

The Darwinium Difference

Comprehensive Fraud Intelligence, Available Everywhere

Comprehensive Fraud Intelligence, Available Everywhere

Combine layered native profiling of devices, networks and user/traffic behaviors, with with the ability to call out to any third-party APIs to conditionally enrich risk decisions. Darwinium profiling is served with the page, rather than needing to be fetched by the page, meaning it can achieve 100% profiling availability, ensuring no ‘unknown sessions’ or missing data.

Accurate User Recognition with Digital Signatures

Accurate User Recognition with Digital Signatures

Darwinium digital signatures help digital businesses separate trusted and fraudulent behaviors even when users wipe their cookies, use private browsing, or use proxies / emulators. Signatures allow devices and behaviors to be compared in real time for percentage similarity against previous signatures. Businesses can choose their similarity threshold to uncover new patterns of unwanted behaviors and fraudulent networks.

Decision and Act on What You See in Real Time

Decision and Act on What You See in Real Time

Darwinium’s decision engine unlocks insights and signals for new visibility of customer behavior in real-time. Businesses can train, test and deploy machine learning models without risk, removing reliance on black-box scores. Data scientists have the benefit of being able to use built-in Python notebooks. Journeys, features, rulesets and models are configurable by no-code GUIs, low-code or full code options to suit all user groups, whether technical or business-orientated.

Capabilities Built for a Privacy-Conscious World

Capabilities Built for a Privacy-Conscious World

Darwinium capabilities are optimized for privacy and security, without compromising performance. Darwinium gives customers the option to move data classification, encryption and anonymization to the perimeter edge. Retain full control of sensitive data, with less exposure to risk. Darwinium uses a fully anonymized version of this data that can be processed globally for security and fraud prevention purposes.

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