Scam Detection

Uncover Social Engineering Behaviors and Scam Payment Journeys

Financial Scams

Detect behaviors and signals indicative of an authorized push payment (APP) fraud, as part of an investment, romance or impersonation scam. Is the customer being coerced or guided? Are there transaction or payment anomalies? Is there a live remote access session?

Purchase Scams

Verify the authenticity of marketplace listings and content. Detect similarities between text and images that indicate repeat fraudulent listings. Identify sellers creating multiple accounts, using proxies or emulators, or otherwise masking their identity. Flag buyers who are not completing payments on platform.

Travel Scams

Uncover anomalies in hotel or property listings that need further investigation or manual review. Understand the complete context of a booking between property owners and customers. Identify unusual review patterns coming from the same device or account.

Building Scam Defenses that Give Human Insight into User Behavior

According to a survey by the Global Anti-Scam Alliance and ScamAdviser, worldwide scams losses exceeded $1 trillion in the last year, with one in four of the global population affected. To defend against this human-to-human fraud, organizations need to understand human behavior across digital journeys, peeling behind who the user is, to understand the context and intent of their interaction.

Darwinium for Scam Detection

The Darwinium Difference

Understand Behavior Across the Entire Customer Journey

Understand Behavior Across the Entire Customer Journey

Darwinium provides user behavioral analytics across complete digital journeys, with long look backs to ascertain patterns of trust, and flag anomalies as they happen. Access additional context of what has happened prior to login, and between a login and payment event. Detect behavioral biometrics flags such as page delays or dwell time, and live call detection.

Fine-Grained Behavioral Biometrics to Identify Subtle Changes

Fine-Grained Behavioral Biometrics to Identify Subtle Changes

Darwinium has built a digital signature for behavioral biometrics that reduces mouse/keyboard/touch interactions from a step into a single attribute each. Compare signatures across events to show similarity. Outcomes from past events can be extrapolated in real-time to affect decisions about future events with similar biometric behaviors. This supports fine-grained analysis of behavioral profiles and identifies subtle anomalies other solutions might miss.

Integrate Any Third-Party Intelligence to Augment Risk Decisions

Integrate Any Third-Party Intelligence to Augment Risk Decisions

Simply ingest any third-party data using the Darwinium API, to add context to what the user is doing now. This could include voice biometrics or call centre data, phone intelligence and live remote access session detection. Remove the integration effort of managing multiple solutions, consolidating all data required to make a more informed risk decision.

Dynamic Tailored Interventions

Dynamic Tailored Interventions

When deployed on the edge, via your CDN, Darwinium can dynamically tailor a customer journey in real time, using warning messaging relating to the transaction or beneficiary. This aims to disrupt warning fatigue and alert blindness, while Introducing appropriate friction for high-risk payments.

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