Continuous Customer Protection

Unified Digital Security and Fraud Prevention for Every Customer Journey

Combine complete visibility of user behavior – everywhere - with the ability to make better risk decisions, and adapt to evolving threats in real time, without engineering resource.

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Darwinium is a Cyberfraud Prevention Platform that Provides Scalable Customer Protection Without Complexity

Security and fraud solutions typically risk-assess specific digital interactions rather than the entire user journey. This creates an incomplete view of user behavior, poor customer experience, and an inability to adapt to new threats. Darwinium combines fraud intelligence and analytics across every digital touchpoint – Web, Apps and APIs, with integrated customer journey orchestration. Businesses can make more accurate, real-time decisions, and take dynamic, tailored remediation that favors the customer and not the fraudster.


"The Darwinium team showcased a profound understanding of our requirements, offering innovative solutions to help us reach our objectives. They are not only knowledgeable but also bring a creative approach to problem-solving. The platform's flexibility is particularly impressive, allowing us to meet the unique needs of our business and clients."

Egle Nartautaite, Global Fraud at Pitney Bowes

Unite Operational Siloes

Understand true user intent, with full visibility of fraud and risk intelligence across security, fraud and customer experience teams.

Create Customer Delight

Give customers frictionless, tailored digital experiences that build trust and lifetime value without unnecessary interventions.

Protect Against Evolving AI Threats

Close the gap between making risk decisions and taking action, without relying on IT and engineering resource.

What Makes Darwinium Different?

Your Complete Cyberfraud Prevention Platform

Consolidate multiple data siloes into a single source of truth across the customer journey. Covering bot intelligence, account security, fraud and abuse prevention.

Harness journey-level behavioral analytics, native device fingerprinting and behavioral biometrics that leverage 365 days of fine-grained transaction intelligence.

Move seamlessly from analytics to action, with real-time customer journey orchestration.

Intelligence Anywhere Across your Digital Estate

Take cyber-fraud intelligence to the perimeter edge. Add device, behavior and endpoint context to security tools, and complete journey-level visibility to fraud teams.

Simple deployment options cover your content delivery network (CDN), web, mobile apps and APIs, removing pressure on IT resource and decoupling remediation from release cycles.

Uncover User Intent with Device and Behavioral Signatures

Darwinium has distilled sophisticated device and behavioral interactions into industry-first digital signatures to better separate trust from risk. Simplify vast amounts of data into actionable intelligence that can be compared for similarity. Find patterns of behavior, identity, content and context.

Rather than a fixed identifier, signatures can be compared in real time for percentage similarity according to context. Optimize challenge rates with customer experience to recognize more trusted users with less friction.

Use Cases

Combine individual use cases across web, mobile and API endpoints, with full customer journey-level visibility

Customer Success

Darwinium Digital Signatures for devices and behavioral biometrics increased returning user recognition to 97% at login for Asaas

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