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The Fraud Fighter Podcast, with Alisdair Faulkner and Jordan Harris

Rebekah Moody

15 May 2023

Ever wondered what the role of AI attack simulations should take as part of a next generation security and fraud prevention platform?

Our co-founder and CEO Alisdair Faulkner shared some great insights on the latest episode of Jordan Harris's Fraud Boxer podcast, released 15th May 2023, including how and why AI will change both the way that attacks get deployed, and how we need to build defenses.

A sneak preview into some of the discussion topics covered:

šŸ„Š What are the three consistent challenges faced by every digital business when it comes to deploying security and fraud prevention solutions?

šŸ„Š Why security and fraud teams are converging, and what solutions need to do to support this.

šŸ„Š Why deploying solutions at the perimeter edge represents a key innovation in security and fraud defenses.

šŸ„Š What the difference is between deploying ON the edge, rather than VIA the edge (hint: it's all in your control).

šŸ„Š Why Darwinium wants to be known as the first "don't trust us" company, by encrypting all customer data within your company's own infrastructure.

šŸ„Š The benefits of first-party profiling.

šŸ„Š Why machines training machines has to be an indispensable tool in the armoury of fraud fighters to defeat adversaries.

Listen to the full episode here:


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