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Darwinium Wins Ignite Presentation Award at Merchant Risk Council 2023

Rebekah Moody

16 March 2023

Breakthrough innovation showcasing fraud prevention "on the edge" earned more than 50% of attendee vote

The Battle of The Merchants and The Fraudsters

Watch Here.

The Merchant Risk Council is famed for its creative, innovative and immersive approach to conferences, and Vegas 2023 was no exception, attended this year by nearly 2,000 delegates. Ignite, the 4-minute quick fire main stage presentation of the best new fraud and risk solutions was back, and top of the bill for the opening day.

Ignite sessions are not for the faint-hearted. Solution providers are invited to present their product in a creative format, within an extremely tight set of parameters. 20 slides, that auto-advance every 12 seconds, and no dress rehearsal time beforehand to get used to the stage or format.

If you’ve ever seen an MRC delegate, dressed in strange garb, looking flustered and talking to themselves in the corridors of a hotel early morning, now you know why! The Darwinium team of Ben Davey and Rebekah Moody were pumped full of caffeine, had the 12-second metronome embedded in their brains, and were intrepid.

Darwinium chose to present the evolutionary battle of the merchant versus the fraudster through a David Attenborough style lens, entitled The Human Planet. Ben, aka ‘David Attenborough’ set the tone of the presentation when he opened with a vision of the modern marketplace: a bastion of commerce and economic activity where merchants exchange their goods and services online with customers both locally and abroad.

But, says David, beneath the beautiful facade of this hope for trade, there exists a great cancer, a user that is not evolved like the rest of the human internet genus. One that connivingly masquerades as a customer, only to burn the merchant of his trade and exploit their fellow beings. The fraudster.

Set for the great battle, Darwinium exploded into being as the hope for merchant-kind, offering a future-proofed customer protection platform that thwarted fraudsters in the act, and offered merchants a solution that was:

  • Faster, operating on the edge across complete user journeys.
  • Stronger, closing the siloes that exist between security and fraud teams, reducing the operational burden of risk management and lengthy deployment cycles.
  • Better, because the platform uses vast amounts of data that it simplifies down into actionable digital signatures, to make better risk decisions across the customer journey, with remediation dynamically tailored to each user.

The presentation concluded in classic Attenborough style, noting that with Darwinium, the merchant wins, and the fraudster goes home, empty handed. The message resonated with the audience. The Darwinium team received over 50% of the vote.


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