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Darwinium Adds Behavioral Identification to its Security and Fraud Prevention Solution with Digital Signatures for Devices and Behavioral Biometrics

Alisdair Faulkner

22 March 2024

SAN FRANCISCO, March 22, 2024 Darwinium, a leader in next-generation digital security and fraud prevention, today announced first-to-market functionality for verifying the authenticity of an online user and the intent behind their digital interactions. By adding digital signatures for devices and behavioral biometrics into its solution, Darwinium enables companies to gain previously unattainable levels of insight and surety when validating online transactions and user journeys. These signatures can be compared with previous ones to identify returning users or high-risk behaviors even when device or behavioral elements have changed. They provide fraud teams with additional context that enables them to make better informed, risk-based decisions about questionable activity while ensuring a secure, frictionless customer journey.

“You can fake your identity and mask your behavior, but it’s very hard to do both consistently without leaving a trail” Alisdair Faulkner CEO and Co-Founder of Darwinium.

A renewed focus on user privacy requires fraud prevention innovation

Current methods for identifying returning users are failing due to a host of factors. Consumers have become much more privacy-focused, resulting in laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). It’s also led to the rise of secure browsers. Incognito or private browser mode is now widely available and is becoming a default setting for consumer transactions. Additionally, mobile interactions now make up most web traffic. Mobile devices have standardized hardware and come pre-installed with the same operating system, browser, and other software that users rarely customize.

These shifts make it harder than ever to separate trusted and risky users online. This prompted Darwinium to build an innovative set of digital signatures – integrated device fingerprinting and behavioral biometrics solutions that equip businesses to better protect against fast-evolving AI threats, without trapping good users in a net of robust fraud controls. Crucially, they ensure that strong privacy of user data can co-exist with accurate security and fraud controls because the signatures are analyzing patterns of similarity within the data, rather than personally identifiable information (PII). As the landscape shifts, Darwinium’s new digital signatures provide unprecedented context regarding online transactions.

Darwinium’s digital signature for behavioral biometrics: Much like Darwinium’s digital signatures for devices, this feature is based on similarities in behavioral biometrics. It does this by parsing out mouse/keyboard/touch interactions, viewing them as unique, standalone attributes rather than related steps in a process. Capturing this data as a digital signature enables Darwinium to find likely identities, whether they are trusted users or potential threats, and detect correlations and discrepancies relating to the behavioral biometrics of a user.

Darwinium’s digital signature for devices: To verify a transaction or behavior in privacy-oriented settings, Darwinium has introduced the concept of “similarity.” When fingerprinting a device, rather than just capturing explicit information - what OS, applications, network settings, etc. the device has, it will also query a complex range of subtle device attributes and assign a “similarity” score that compares the current interaction to previous interactions. It assesses how unique the device is and assigns a probability score that it is the same returning device. The device similarity match can then be used to make risk-based decisions in real time, based on what the customers are doing online.

Darwinium’s Digital DNA: the combination of device and behavioral biometric digital signatures become akin to digital DNA: a master profile of the end user. Digital DNA increased returning user recognition to 97% at login for a Brazilian fintech company. For another digital business, this digital DNA detected several fraud rings that might otherwise have been missed due to a lack of “standard” similarities between devices and behaviors.

“Despite the plethora of security and fraud solutions on the market, fraud persists, and bad actors continue to play a winning hand. We need to provide digital businesses with product innovations that better equip them to compete in this unfair battle,” said Alisdair Faulkner, co-founder and CEO of Darwinium. “Darwinium digital signatures provide the backbone for recognizing more users while accurately detecting the kind of fraud that other solutions are missing.”

About Darwinium

Darwinium's pioneering approach to continuous customer protection takes security and fraud prevention to the edge, removing the operational burden of implementing and maintaining API-based solutions. Darwinium provides complete visibility and control of every digital interaction - across web, apps and APIs - to separate good and bad behavior, in real time. Businesses can make more accurate, real-time decisions, and take dynamic, tailored remediation that favors the customer and not the fraudster.


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