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Asaas uses Darwinium to build end-to-end trust across the customer journey, reducing friction for good customers

Rebekah Moody

6 March 2024

Business Problem: Lack of customer trust creates high-friction user experience

Asaas, a Brazilian fintech specializing in business banking, was struggling to verify its online users’ authenticity.

The existing device fingerprinting solution had poor persistency, resulting in excess challenges at login via a one-time passcode (OTP). This increased friction for good customers, and required significant operational resource and budget.

Asaas wanted a better way to improve UX while keeping accounts secure, reserving OTPs for genuinely high-risk interactions. Several other fraud solutions had been discounted due to the high cost of covering multiple touchpoints in the customer journey.

The Darwinium Difference: Deploying at the edge provides full visibility of customer behavior

Asaas recognized the benefits Darwinium could deliver by deploying via a content delivery network (CDN), and decided to install AWS CloudFront. The Darwinium professional services team supported this implementation as part of the wider deployment.

Deploying at the edge allowed Asaas to collect hundreds of pieces of data relating to the user’s network connection, device, location, transactions and journey analytics to establish a baseline of normal, trusted behavior. This benchmark was used to verify all future signup and login events, which established trusted versus riskier groups.


  • Darwinium Digital Signatures for devices and behavioral biometrics increased returning user recognition to 97% at login.
  • 94% of returning users received a positive trust score using Darwinium models.
  • 46% reduction in use of one-time passcodes (OTPs), with associated cost savings.
  • Darwinium’s entity linkage uncovered an account takeover network that executed 49 attempts in two days.

Download the full case study here.


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